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Learning Chinese can be challenging due to your busy work life and limited access to language education. English Guru offers you the opportunity to learn Chinese with its convenient online platform that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Why should you learn Chinese with English Guru?

Unleash the power of Chinese easily!

Flexible Learning Program

Learn Chinese at your own pace, on days and times you understand, without the restrictions of traditional classroom environments.

Simplified Learning Management

Our use of the pinyin system makes learning Chinese easier and faster. It allows you to understand the language more effectively with Latin letters.

Personalized Learning Experience

We tailor our lessons to your needs and preferences, offering a personalized learning experience that maximizes language learning potential.

Learn Chinese in 3 Simple Steps

Unleash the power of Chinese easily!


Choose a subscription plan that suits you at affordable prices. Your subscription starts as soon as you buy a new package.

Keep Track of Your Reservations

Make a reservation with our teachers from your panel for any time and hour you want. Keep track of your reservation and attend your classes via computer and mobile devices.

Review Your Lessons

Since the lessons are recorded, review your studies that day and later and progress in Chinese with the language acquisition method through memories.